Trans Bio-Filter

Trans bio filter in waste water treatment technology is a bed of organic material which supports the hybrid earthworms and microbes that break the waste solids into CO2 ,O2, and nutrients. Why Trans Bio Filter- a vermifiltration based water treatment technology provides best results under almost all the conditions.

Trans biofilter in STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

The sewage consists of waste water from:

✔ Domestic Sewage & Municipal wastewater
✔ Residential Complexes & Housing schemes
✔ Commercial establishments
✔ Institutes (Schools, college & Universities)
✔ Resorts & Hotels
✔ Religious places etc.

Biofilter as a technology for STP:

Bio Filter is a proven and sustainable new age technology that uses speciality earthworms and specialized media to treat the wastewater and give us treated water which can be used for an array of applications directly, such as gardening, land discharge etc. To reuse, a combination of other technology like Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration techniques are applied.

The concept used here is “Design with Nature” along with inclusion of tools and concepts of Modern Science.
✔ This technology uses hybrid earthworms and microbes to break down the waste to useful nutrients, CO2 and O2.
✔ It uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes (transzyme) to break down the contaminants present in the wastewater.
✔ It involves removal of toxic matter by adsorption and filtration, followed by biological degradation and oxygen supply by natural aeration to the treatment system.

Through years of R&D and various trials that are carried out till date help us achieve excellence by new innovations, applications as well as modification to constantly evolve Sustainable wastewater treatment solutions based on customer feedback.

We are proud to have a strong client base, and long term relationships which are paired with attention to detail.
We provide tailor-made solutions, which makes us the ideal choices for our clients who aim to be carbon-neutral and want the world to practice being more sustainable.


The Advantages of the technology mainly are:
✔ Simple and easy operation
✔ Low operating and maintenance costs
✔ Low energy input
✔ No sludge Formation
✔ Aerobic & Hygienic process resulting in no odour
✔ No pretreatment required for solids separation.
✔ Able to handle too high COD/BOD Level
✔ All contaminants both dissolved and suspended are converted into a valuable product.
✔ Treated water is nutrient rich, a natural way of fertigation for better agricultural production and cost saving on artificial fertilizers.
✔ Enabling the reuse of treated water for gardening, landscaping, farming & other non-potable (not treated for human consumption) purposes.

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